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Last Updated: Oct 27, 2017 04:45PM PDT
Keywords are the search queries that people have entered on Google and other search engines to find your work on

We display keywords whenever we have the data provided to us. If the keyword is missing, then the search engine has not supplied the referring information. Certain search engines, like Google, no longer provide keyword data when traffic comes from their search engine to your page. When we do not receive this information, we cannot list it in your analytics.

If you don't have any keywords, or people aren't searching for you, we'll show you this page. 

You can get more hits and searches by adding research interests to your paper, uploading a full-text attachment to your citation, or including a detailed abstract

We'll show you the pages that users went to, the approximate time that that page was visited, and the ranking of your page in the search result in your free keywords, as well as any keyword data that is given to us by search engines. Please note that at this time, Google has declined to share with us search data, so we are unable to provide any information about Google searches.

If you're interested in learning what keywords were used to search for these papers, you can reveal this information by subscribing to Academia Premium


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