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How Do I Change What Names Mentions Search For?

Last Updated: Nov 14, 2019 03:31PM PST
It's possible that we may not be searching for all the different names you've published under, or the name you've chosen for your Academia profile doesn't exactly match the name you're usually cited with. We're excited to finally announce a feature where you can add additional names and name variants, so we can make sure we're getting all of your citations on Academia!  

To add Mentions name variants from any page on Academia, first go to your account setting by hovering over your profile photo and selecting "Account Settings."

We'll always search for the name in "display name." If you want to add additional names, such as a maiden name, click "+Add Alternate Names." 

Enter in your first, middle and last name(s). Make sure to double check for spelling! 

Then, click "Add Name."  You can currently have a maximum of 3 name variants. 

If you want to have your Mentions recalculated with a different selection of names, you can remove names by clicking the trash can next to the name you'd like to remove. 

Then, you'll need to contact us with your profile URL. We can move all Mentions that are not confirmed (you haven't selected "This Is Me" for them) into your "This is Not Me" Mentions area, and give you a new set of Mentions based on the names you currently have in your display name and alternate names. 


Do you still have a question or want to report something that's broken? Get in touch.

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