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What are Profile Visitors?

Last Updated: May 16, 2019 04:37PM PDT
As part of our Academia Premium subscription, we'll display for you additional information about logged-in view to your profile. This part of analytics expands your knowledge on the users viewing your homepage. These users might be reviewing you as part of a tenure application, for potential employment, or grant submission. While we don't display their names for privacy reasons, we hope the information shown will point you in the right direction and expand your networking horizons. 

To access your profile visitors, you must be signed up for Academia Premium, our subscription service. If you aren't signed up already, you can sign up by clicking here, then clicking  "Discover Your Visitors." Select a monthly or annual subscription, enter your payment information, and you should be good to go!

If you're already subscribed to Academia Premium, or you need to navigate to your profile visitors, here's how to do so. 

From any page on Academia, go to "Analytics." This is in the top right-hand corner of your navigation. 

You'll see your main analytics window come up, along with the analytics submenus. You should see "Profile Visitors" as a submenu - click it to bring up your profile visitors. 

Then, you'll see the profile visitor cards of the recent visitors to your profile. Here is a breakdown of what a complete profile visitor card will look like. Keep in mind that we can only display information your profile visitor has provided, so if your visitor declines to state their affiliation or department, that information will not appear. 

A: Profile information. This will display your viewer's information they've decided to add to their profile, such as their affiliation, location and research interests. 

B: What dates they viewed your profile. 

C: Recent Library Additions: The papers this user has added to their library recently. 

What if I see analytics hits to my profile, but I don't see these users appearing in my profile visitors?

That means these users do not have Academia profiles, so we don't have any additional information to show in the profile visitors area. 


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