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What are Mentions?

Last Updated: Sep 13, 2018 04:09PM PDT
With our powerful Mentions feature, we'll be able to show you where on the site your name has been mentioned. By seeing where you've been cited, you'll learn more about the different ways your papers and your research has been used to grow and evolve your field of research. You might also make new connections and find new colleagues! 

Even better, Mentions doesn't just include paper citations, but will also include other places that you've been referenced. This other group can include more informal references like: 

  • Acknowledgements
  • Conference brochures
  • Tour or layman's pamphlets
  • Forewords & afterwords

You'll need Academia Premium to see your Mentions. Once you've upgraded, you can always view your Mentions by going to, clicking here, or clicking "Mentions" in the top navigational bar. 

This will take you to "All Mentions" page, where we'll show you all the papers that mention your name.  Your Mentions page will display the name of the paper, the author of the paper, and sometimes the bit of the paper where you're mentioned on your front page.  Along the left-hand sidebar we offer four options: 

  • All Mentions: Everywhere we see your name. 
  • High Confidence: Mentions of your name that we're very sure match you and no one else that has a name that matches or is similar to yours.
  • This is Me: Mentions you've confirmed by clicking the "This is me" button. 
  • This is Not Me: Mentions you've indicated don't belong to you by clicking the "This is not me" button. 

If a Mention is incorrect, you can always click "This is not me" under the Mention. This will remove the Mention from your "All Mentions" area the next time you reload the page. If you include Mention on the count of Mentions on your profile and allow other Academia members to see it, click "This is Me." 

Clicking "This is not me" will stop a Mention from showing up in your "All Mentions" page. If you've accidentally selected "This is not me" for one of your Mentions and wish to bring that back to your "All Mentions" page, click "Undo" In the bottom left-hand corner of the Mention. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

None of my Mentions are me! 

You can add names or modify what names we search for in your account settings.


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