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Last Updated: Nov 14, 2019 02:58PM PST
In some cases, users may not tag their papers or other research with research interests. If you've tried searching by research interest and now you want to do a paper title search, you can search using our "View All Results" button to see other paper titles might match your search query. 

To try this search feature, enter in your query and then click "View All Results," rather than any one response to your search. 

This will lead you to our search page that displays all the paper that have your search query in the title. From here, you can click View and Download to review these papers, or you can click on the author names to learn more about the papers' authors and co-authors! You can also click our "Papers - Full Text" button to learn about our advanced search tool, an Academia Premium feature that allows you to search the full text of all the papers on Academia. 


We have some other different options and ways to search using your search query. For example, you can also user this feature to search for the name of an academic or researcher on Academia, if you're not sure which profile with that name might belong to them. 

You might want to view the different research interests that are associated with specific topic or search query to see how you can expand your search. 

Or, if you have a strong background and are currently looking to be hired in a particular position or field, you might want to see all the jobs that we have posted on the site that match your field or search term to see what you can apply for. 

What's the box on the top mean? 

If you sign up for our Academia Premium service, you'll have access to our powerful Advanced Search, which will search the full text of every paper on Academia, rather than just the titles and authors. If you're interested in that, click the box, enter in your payment information and you'll have access to even more search results! If you don't see that bar, but you still want to sign up for our advanced search page, let us know



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