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Understanding Paper Editing for Co-Authors

Last Updated: Jan 24, 2018 02:46PM PST
 For each document uploaded to Academia, only one person can edit parts of the paper such as the title, attachments, links, and abstract. This is the person who originally uploaded the paper or originally claimed the document when it was suggested to them from an automatic process. 

You can always find out who the original uploader or document claimer is by going to the paper page and seeing the profile in the top left-hand corner. 

The original uploader is not always the first author of the paper, and changing the co-author order of a paper, including assigning new first author, will not change the original uploader.  

Additionally, unlike other co-authors, the original author cannot be removed from the paper. The only way to remove the original uploader or document confirmer from a paper is to delete the paper entirely. If you see a paper on the site that seems to have been uploaded or claimed by someone who is not the author, please reach out to us with a link to the paper on the site. 

If you see a paper that you are not the original uploader or document confirmer of, but you would like  to have removed for copyright or trademark reasons, please feel free to contact us with a link to the paper on the site (for example:, and we will see if we can provide any further assistance for you with this issue. 

Here is a good example of how this process works:

In the above example, Richard Price is the original uploader of the paper. However, if we hover over his name, we can see he isn't the first author.

However, this doesn't change who is able to edit the paper. Since Richard uploaded or claimed the paper, he is the only one who's able to edit it. 

If Yuri Niyazov tried to edit this paper, he would only be able to edit his co-authorship of the paper. His editing screen will look like this: 

In this circumstance, Yuri Niyazov has to contact Richard Price to make any edits to the paper that they co-wrote. For contacting a user on Academia, we recommend you use our personal messaging system


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