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How I Upload Multiple Papers?

Last Updated: Oct 26, 2017 06:52PM PDT
If you have multiple papers you'd like to upload to Academia, you can add them all at once, and add in most of your paper citation information in our multi-paper upload process. 

First, start the upload process like you would normally. 

Instead of selecting a singular paper or clicking "Upload Paper," select all the papers you'd like to upload, click and drag to select all of them, and then drag all of them to our green "Upload Papers" button. 

We'll upload all of your papers automatically, and we'll try our best to guess the titles of your papers. If you name the files the titles of your papers, that will help us automatically fill in the information during the upload process. If we provide for you a "Paper Title Not Found" error, that's fine! You should still be able to continue. You can choose to enter the correct titles of your papers here or in the next page. 

We presently have a known issue where papers will fail to upload in the Mozilla Firefox browser. If you seem to be unable to upload any documents, please try using another browser such as Safari, Google Chrome, or Microsoft Edge. 

Once all of your papers are uploaded, you should be able to move forward by clicking "Continue." 

Once you click continue, we'll show you a window where you can add in all the information for your papers. You can see what paper in your group that you're presently editing by the information in the "title" box, and the "1 of 4" in the top left-hand corner, which will match the list in the download page in the previous window. If you want to scroll back and forth between the information for your various papers, you can do that by clicking the arrows in the top-right corner. You can also move to the next page in the line by clicking "Save & Continue." 

When you finish the last paper, the button will change to "Save & Finish!" Clicking that will complete your upload process and take you back to your profile page, where you should see all your papers uploaded! 

Please remember that all papers need time to convert so they're viewable on the site. If your paper says "Converting" on the paper page, that's OK

If you're still having problems uploading your paper, you might want to check our file upload troubleshooting page. 


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