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Editing Your Paper's Full Text or Copy (Attachment)

Last Updated: May 31, 2017 04:19PM PDT
Understanding how attachments can be utilized in a paper (or other academic work) is a key part of understanding how your papers can be displayed and modified on Academia. 

With all Academia paper pages, there are two parts:
1. The page where the paper can be read and downloaded on Academia
2. The attachment or upload of the original document, which usually contains the full text of the uploaded item.

The page itself includes all the information that you can upload and save on Academia, including paper title, your abstract, any co-authors, or any additional publication information such as journal name or date published. This is where the analytics and co-author information is attached.

The attachment or uploaded paper is only the specific attachment uploaded that may include the actual full text of the paper, book, or project. 

You can change this information from your profile page. Here's how to get there. Then, you can add, modify, or delete attachments without modifying any other part of the page. 

1. Hover over "Edit" under the paper you wish to modify, then click "Attachments."

2. If you would like to add attachments, select "Choose File," and attach the work you would like to upload. 

Once you have attached the document you would like to present on the site, click "Save." 

If this is the first attachment associated to your paper, then it should show up on your paper page after it's finished converting. Otherwise, you'll be able to see it in the "links" dropdown on your paper page. 

Deleting Attachments

If you would like to delete an attachment, select the garbage can icon next to the work you would like to delete. 

Once you have deleted all items you would like to delete from the site, simply click away from the box! Your changes will save automatically. 

Q: My paper isn't uploading correctly!
A: You may wish to review our upload troubleshooting support article and see if your issue is covered there. 

Q: I get a "Something went wrong!" message. 
A: Try restarting your browser, using a different browser, or restarting your computer. If that still doesn't work, let us know by clicking here and we'll see what further assistance we can offer. Please include your profile URL in your support request.

Q: When I upload my work, I get a "This document is being converted" message. Where's my upload? 
A: This is a regular part of the paper upload process! This page should go away in 10-20 minutes, but conversion can take up to 24 hours. If you cannot read your paper within 24 hours, please let us know, and include the link to the work you are unable to view. 

Q: When I view my work, my paper says "Loading Preview...." forever! 
A: This page should go away in 10-20 minutes, can take up to 24 hours. If you still see a "Loading Preview" message, please try re-uploading your attachment and deleting the old attachment. If this message doesn't go away again within 24 hours, please let us know, and include the link to the work you are unable to view. 


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