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Adding a New Section, or Organizing Your Sections

Last Updated: Jan 24, 2018 02:54PM PST

If you would like to have additional sections to organize your works on your profile page, you can easily make new sections. Making new sections will allow to you arrange works into specific sections, as well as upload into the sections you've created. Once you've create your new section and uploaded some works into it, you can rearrange your sections into an order of your choosing. 

If you aren't on your profile page to look at this information, here's how to get there.
 To add a new section, hover over "Edit" over the biography box and then click "Add, Remove, or Rearrange Papers & Sections." 

Then, click "Add Section." 

Write the name of your section, then click the green checkmark. 

If you have all the sections you'd like, you can rearrange them by holding your cursor over the three stacked dots to the left of the name of the section you'd like to move. Your cursor should turn into arrows. That's your sign that you can click and drag your sections into your desired order. 

Once you're satisfied with your sections, click "Save."

Q: I got a "Something Went Wrong!" message!
A: Did you....

  • Try to add any non-standard characters or symbols? If so, try taking those symbols out, and then clicking "Save" again.
  • Make a really long section name? Try shortening your section name. 

Q: I'm getting a "Something Went Wrong!" message and it's neither of these issues. 
A: Please let us know. Please include your profile URL in your support request.


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