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What are AuthorRank and PaperRank?

Last Updated: Jun 04, 2019 05:09PM PDT

When viewing works and profile pages, you may have noticed that an additional number is now appearing on profiles and works. The number on a profile is called AuthorRank, and the number on the work is called PaperRank. 

The PaperRank of a paper is a function of the number of recommendations the paper has received, weighted by the AuthorRanks of the recommenders.  In other words, works that receive many recommendations by Academia users with high AuthorRank will receive high PaperRank. A PaperRank of 10 is better than a PaperRank of 1. There is no upper limit on PaperRank. If you wish to see the people who have contributed recommendations to a paper, you can see that by scrolling down the paper and looking on the right-side sidebar. 

You can also see the PaperRank of any paper on the profile page of any of the authors. 

The AuthorRank you see in a user's profile is a function of the PaperRanks of the papers on the user’s profile.  An Academia user whose papers have high PaperRanks will have a high AuthorRank.  AuthorRank also goes up, meaning that an AuthorRank of 10 is better than a AuthorRank of 1. There is no upper limit on AuthorRank. 

If you're wondering why some people have AuthorRank and others don't, the answer is that it's impossible to have AuthorRank without PaperRank - and it's impossible to have PaperRank without being Recommended. In order for these statistics to show, at least one of your papers needs to have at least one Recommendation.  

If you want to know more about Recommendations, you can read more about that here. We only allow a select number of users to give Recommendations - if you're interested, you can read all about being part of our Editor Program and giving Recommendations here


For those interested in the mathematics, the PaperRank of a paper is the square root of the sum of the AuthorRanks of the people who recommended it. A person’s AuthorRank is the square root of the sum of the PaperRanks on the person’s profile.


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