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File Upload Troubleshooting

Last Updated: Feb 22, 2019 01:31PM PST
My paper won't upload. Help!

This troubleshooting article will try to help you get your paper uploaded and previewing correctly on by going through different scenarios of what's not working.

Problem 1: My upload gets to 100% and then stops.

Solution 1: Try closing the window and re-uploading the document.
Solution 2: If that doesn't work, try uploading in a different browser. Additionally, please report the problem by sending us an email, mentioning the browser that didn't work.
Solution 3: Try making your file smaller, such as compressing your file or removing unnecessary images
Solution 4: If you are an international Academia user with access to a VPN or other region-changing software, try uploading from a point in the United States or Canada. 


Problem 2: My upload goes through, but I see a previewing error.

Solution 1: Retry the conversion. You can learn how to re-upload your file here.
Solution 2: Go through this troubleshooting article in Scribd's  FAQ
Solution 3: Report the problem by sending us an email, including a link to the file that won't preview correctly.


Problem 3: My upload works, but the formatting of the preview is incorrect/different from the file I uploaded.

Solution 1: Try to re-save the file and upload it. This article will show you how
Solution 2: Report the problem by sending us an email, including a link to the file that won't preview correctly.



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