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Reporting a Fake, Offensive, or Spam Profile

Last Updated: Sep 27, 2016 05:33PM PDT
How do I report an account that is spam, fake, or offensive?

You can flag accounts by accessing the "Blocking and Reporting" tab in your account settings.

Once you have clicked the "Blocking and Reporting" tab, write the name of the user profile you wish to report in the second box. Click the name of the account when it appears, select the reason you would like to report the user, and then click "Report." We have a full walkthrough on how to block or report users here

I found a fake account with my photo on it. How can I get it removed?
It is possible that this is an account you created by accident or created and forgot about. The photo comes from connecting through a social website like Facebook or Google+. You can read about connecting with your social network accounts here.

If you see a profile that looks like you that you don't want on the website, email us at with the profile URL of the profile you would like to remove.


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