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Following and Unfollowing Other Researchers

Last Updated: Sep 29, 2016 04:35PM PDT
What does following mean?

Following another person means that you'll see updates from them on your newsfeed. For example, you may see the papers that they bookmark, when they upload new papers or drafts, or the comments they make on any sessions they're a part of. 

How do I follow another user?

To follow an user, click the green Follow button at the top of their profile page.

You'll be able to find more people similar to this user if you connect your site to Google or Facebook. You can do that easily by clicking the buttons that appear after you've clicked "follow," if you're not already connected. 

How do I unfollow another user?

To stop following another Academia user, head to the profile page of the person you would like to stop following. There should be a green "Following" button at the top right corner of their profile page. If you hover over that button, it should turn red and say "Unfollow." Click to unfollow.

How Do I See Who's Connected to Me? 

If you want to see the full collection of users of users that are connected to you on Academia, you can do this by clicking "Followers" and "Following" on your profile, under your biography. 

If you select your followers or followings, you'll be able to see who's connected with you. For example, if you want to unfollow someone, you can also do this after clicking "Following" to bring up the people you're following, and click "Unfollow" next to the name of the user you'd like to unfollow. 

Additionally, if you click to see the list to see all the users who are following you, you can follow them back immediately from your "following" list. 

I think there are fake users following my account. What do I do?

This quick article explains more about fake followers.

I can't follow any more users. Help!

If you've just recently created your account, it may be a few moments before you are able to follow and unfollow users. If it seems you can't follow users immediately after creating your account, try waiting an hour, and then seeing if it works.  If you still can't follow more users, please send us an email and we will investigate why this is happening with your account.


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