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How do I add a single paper?

Last Updated: Nov 06, 2017 02:36PM PST
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Where do I go to upload a paper (or book, or poem, or citation)?

There are two places you can click to begin uploading your paper.

You can upload a work by choosing "Upload Papers" under your profile information or in the top menu of the website.

Both of these paths will lead to the same uploading process which will allow you to add attachments, provide additional information such as abstracts and co-authors, tag your paper with research interests, and share the final product. This is also where you can open your draft to feedback.

The first thing we'll request you do is upload a file. This should be the full text of the paper or academic work that you're looking to grow the audience of. You can click and drag your file into the download box, or select the location of it on your computer by clicking "Choose File." You can add as many files as you want at once!

Wait for your papers to upload. You can see the progress bar of each paper above the name of the file or paper name. We'll do our best to automatically identify the name of your papers as we upload them, although sometimes we can't. This still means your paper was uploaded successfully.  Make sure you click the "I'm Not A Robot" captcha, so we can keep spam off the site. 

Once your paper has been uploaded, we'll ask you what kind of file it is. If your paper has been published in another source, or this is the first publishing of it, click "Published Work." If you want to get feedback on your paper, or you consider it an unpublished draft, click "Unpublished Draft Papers." 

Then, we'll ask you to provide additional information about your paper. 

If you don't add research interests, we might suggest you add some research interests. Research interests function as tags on your paper, and having your paper appear in research interest feeds is a huge driver of paper traffic. We recommend a variety of research interests, from very broad ("War History") to mid-range ("American Revolution") to specific ("British Regiments in the Battle of Brandywine"), to make sure your paper gets the attention it deserves.

If you've decided your paper is a draft paper, we'll ask you if you want to open this paper to comments. This will create a session.

Congratulations! You're done, and your paper is uploaded to Academia!


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